Women's Enterprise Forum

Come meet your fellow WBEs during the Women’s Enterprise Forum Meeting! Held twice per year, the Forum Meeting is open to all WBENC-Certified WBEs and is your chance to share experiences, hear from experts and understand more about the WBENC network and how to navigate it. This extraordinarily welcoming group of WBEs is an incredible resource and community to be a part of.

The Forum holds two in-person meetings each year on the day before each of the national events. This June the Forum will meet on June 19th from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The meeting is open to all WBENC-Certified WBEs. 

Women's Enterprise Forum Keynote:
Digital Disruption the Future of Work in the Digital World

Monday - June 19th - 4:00 PM-5:00 PM

Keynote Speaker Tracey Wilen

Keynote Speaker
Tracey Wilen

Rapid changes in society and technology have changed the workforce and employment. Today there are new pressures on workers and executives to change the way they prepare and plan for modern day Leadership. These changes also require employers create work environments that ensure a qualified workforce. This multimedia presentation focuses on key trends that impact jobs,  new skills that are needed today to remain relevant, and women leaders in a digital world. Using multimedia and current industry examples this speech will bring to life what work is about today and in the future.

The presentation includes highlights from the books “Society 3.0 How Technology Is Reshaping Education, Work and Society”, “Women Lead: Career Perspectives from Workplace Leaders”, and "Employed for Life, 21st Century Career Trends." 

Topics covered:

  • Societal Changes - How globalization and societal forces have created a new workplace.
  • The Future of Work – What will work look like in the future?
  • Future Skills – What new skills are required in a digital world?
  • Evolution of Leadership- How women excel in in modern day leadership

This session is open to all conference attendees.