Lisa Michele Chretien
Host Committee Co-Chair
President & CEO

EventMover, Inc.

  • Founded: 2001
  • WBENC-Certified: 2011
  • Headquartered: Irvine, CA
  • About: EventMover is a transportation services company that delivers brand assets to trade shows, auto shows, special events, and mobile marketing tours. They specialize in the transportation of exhibit properties and staging, specialty vehicles, and product for domestic and international trade fairs and experiential marketing events.
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"With passion, patience and persistence anything is possible. Follow the three P’s, stay focused and keep a great network of people around you who believe in your vision."

Q: What do you find is the most valuable aspect of attending the National Conference?

For me, the best aspect of attending the National Conference is being able to continue building relationships with other WBEs and Corporate Members. Attending the conference and other related events is a great way to stay connected with women who can relate with the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and offer advice and guidance.

Q: What advice do you have for a WBE attending their first Conference? 

My advice is to research your top five targets, know general information about each target and how you plan to add value. I’d also recommend for each newbie to attend the First Time Attendee Orientation to listen and interact with veteran WBEs who have successfully leveraged their WBENC Certifications.

Q: What are some of the bigger challenges and barriers you’ve faced as a business owner? How have you overcome them? 

I knew I was unaware of all of the components it takes to successfully run a business so I made it a priority to surround myself with great people, mentors and an advisory board to help guide me along the way. In doing so, I learned to work on my business and not in my business. Once the focus was shifted to hiring the right people to work on the day-to-day tasks, I was able to focus on growing the company as a whole and acquiring new clientele.

Q: What is your proudest moment thus far in business?

As the founder of EventMover, many of my proudest moments have come during the most difficult times. Looking back on our 16 years in business, I never forget that the history of our company – and that of woman owned enterprises in general – has not been an easy road. During the 2008 recession, many of us were discouraged and frustrated due to the lack of economic relief, and I felt tremendous pressure to keep EventMover operating throughout the struggling economy. Our Vice President and I made the decision to remove ourselves from the payroll to ensure our employees kept their salaries and benefits. Although it was a difficult decision that lasted two years, we’re very proud of our track record of surviving adversity, and maintaining the confidence and determination to thrive in the future, no matter what challenges lay ahead.